Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, my study of photography began mid-way through my college career. Graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography combined an education with my passion for the craft which ultimately led to commercial studio work in San Francisco.

Complementing my digital studio expertise, I combine my love for the outdoors with photographing the natural landscape. Whether in color or black & white, using film or digital, in the studio or out in the field, I will continue to hone my technical skill, develop my eye for seeing, and express my sense of beauty in the world we live in.

I'm Some Text

As an aside, I’ve always found it interesting how portraits stay frozen in time. It is typical to see the same good-looking photo of an author on book jacket or the handsome profile of a magazine columnist remain unchanged for years upon years…sort of like Dear Abby, looking good and then she died of old age. In contrast, my favorite obituaries are the ones with two photos: one young and full of promise, the other older, wiser and full of character. This gallery shows my evolution from a young college student of photography through the intervening years of marriage, raising children, career changes and hopefully into maturity.

There are definitely periods where I looked more like I think I look—younger and more handsome etc.—but that is me, so here I am. Like my college professor Don Worth once said, “We earn the character of our faces, wrinkles and all.”

Therefore, I promise to update my most current photo whenever I look into a mirror and don’t recognize myself.